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International Health & Wellness Coaching

Embark on a transformative journey towards better health with my International Health & Wellness Coaching and Consulting service. As an experienced International Health & Wellness Coach, ISSA Certified Nutritionist, and Dementia Certified Practitioner, I offer personalized 1 on 1 sessions designed to enhance your overall well-being. My unique approach stems from a diverse background, including 25+ years as a Real Estate Investor and Broker, providing you with comprehensive insights into a holistic lifestyle.

In these sessions, I delve into your individual needs, crafting a tailored program to address your specific health goals. Whether you're navigating the challenges of dementia or seeking general wellness, my expertise extends to guide you towards sustainable and natural solutions. I draw upon my extensive knowledge from the School of Natural Healing Certification to ensure a well-rounded and holistic approach, fostering a deep connection between nature and well-being.

Experience the assurance of a dedicated professional committed to your journey. My coaching rates, ranging from $175 to $225 per hour, not only include the session but also a meticulously crafted program designed especially for dementia clients and their loved ones. If you do not have a dementia diagnosis, I will also work with you. I just want to clarify that my specialty in dementia care. This ensures that you receive not just advice but a comprehensive roadmap towards improved health. With my commitment to holistic practices, you can trust in the value and quality of the services I provide.

Embark on a path to vitality and wellness by booking your 1 on 1 International Health & Wellness Coaching session. Let's work together to unlock the potential of holistic living, ensuring that your health journey is not just a destination but a fulfilling and transformative experience.

From $480.00 Starting price

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If you have any questions, doubts, or simply want to explore the possibilities of holistic living, I invite you to reach out. Your journey to well-being starts with a conversation. 

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