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Organic & Sustainable Lifestyle in Panama and The USA

Welcome to my sanctuary at PanamaLiveGoodonaFarm, where I personally invite you to join me on a holistic journey toward well-being. Nestled in the serene mountains of Panama, my farm is a haven for those seeking a self-sufficient and organic lifestyle. Operating in various areas, I am dedicated to fostering ...

Holistic Roots in Panama’s Heartland

Nurtured in the heartland of Panama, PanamaLiveGoodonaFarm stands as my beacon of holistic living. My farm, situated in the mountains, serves as a living testament to self-sufficiency and organic cultivation, guided by the principles of permaculture. Operating across various regions, my doors are open to ...

Empowering Health Through Nature’s Bounty

What sets PanamaLiveGoodonaFarm apart is my dedication to empowering health through nature's bounty. Rooted in sustainability, my permaculture farm is a lush haven producing a vibrant tapestry of organic fruits and vegetables.

My distinctiveness goes beyond the tangible; it lies in my holistic approach. As an ...